If you are reading this, chances are you already
know what rooting an Android phone is, however,
for the sake of thoroughness, rooting is the
process of modifying the operating system that
shipped with your device to grant you complete
control over it - or in the Unix world 'root'

By rooting your smartphone, you can overcome
limitations that the carriers and manufacturers
put on your phone, extend system functionality, and
even upgrade it to a custom flavor of Android.

The first logical question to ask is if it is legal
to 'root' an Android smartphone.

On October 28, 2012, the US Copyright Office
updated their exemption policies. The rooting of
smartphones continues to be legal "where
circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose
of enabling interoperability of [lawfully obtained
software] applications with computer programs on
the telephone handset."

In other words, yep, its legal as long as your
purpose is to put legal software on your device.

The next logical question is 'why should I root my

-- You don't have to wait until your smartphone
manufacturer sends you any updates. Do it when and
how you need it done.
-- Free precious memory your smartphone already
has by removing all your phone's 'bloatware' that
is completely useless.
-- Increase the speed of your phone's CPU.
-- Enhanced keyboard options.
-- Easily create backup's for your smartphone and
never loose important data OR applications.
-- You can get substantially more battery life by
installing applications that manage smartphone
processes much more efficiently.
-- Add WiFi HotSpot capability to your smartphone
(as long as your phone plan includes data). This is
great when traveling and there are no hotspots
available for your laptop.
-- Customized ROM's including the best ROM's out
there - CyanoGenMod.

Now that you know its legal and why you should
root your phone, the next logical question is how
do I root a phone? That, as they say, is the
$100,000 question. There are literally hundreds of
different models of smartphones - and just as many
ways to get these smartphones rooted.

If you want to wade through all the different ways
to root your Android phone, simply do a Google
search for 'how to root an Android phone'. You may
spend hours and hours researching how do do this,
however, there is an easier, safer and less costly
way of getting your phone rooted.

SuperRoot Service from ROMWarez.com

Why have your phone remotely rooted by

-- You won't turn your phone into a 'brick' or toy
for your kids. If you don't have kids, don't feel bad
- you still will have a brick that used to be a
-- ROMWarez.com will root your phone in the
privacy and comfort of your own home by remotely
accessing your computer system using remote access
-- Process takes about an hour and you can watch
the entire time. Nothing is done in secret.

Three easy steps to getting your phone rooted.

-- Click the button below to purchase the
SuperRoot service (includes scheduling a time for a
ROMWarez technician to remotely access your
-- An email will be sent to you after purchase
with a short, simple checklist of things to have
ready before the remote session.
-- A technician will log into your computer and go
from there.